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We are discovering a lot of things that are not very heartening these days, but some thoughts came to me that I thought may help.

It came to me as I was awakening this morning that there are 5 countries in the world that are driving the agonies that the Earth is going through at the moment. Obviously, they’re not the only countries, but there is a thread of similarities between them.  Those countries are The United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, and sadly, New Zealand. I say sadly New Zealand because of all of them New Zealand is very unique, being sparsely populated at just over 4 million people, and has the same level of services and civilization as the rest, and has been shielded up to now really of the excesses of the rest in the area of fossil fuels: either the exploitation of their own localities which is in some ways just if that’s the right word, because its at least doing it on their own land not taking from others and spoiling others’ land.

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These 5 countries whom are also known as the 5 Eyes Alliance, are deeply collaborating in security agencies such as the NSA, GCHB and GCHQ and so on. There’s a certain pattern emerging, one of darkness (a term I feel that aptly describes things that aren’t particularly pleasant for living beings or the Earth). Of all the countries in the world, these 5 countries are damaging the earth by way of fossil fuel seeking and usage. I for one am not going to sit back and let the continued damage of the Earth happen. These countries all have administrations that are actively involved in causing tremendous damage to the Earth. There’s a really good video from Wendell Berry, whom I was introduced to by Alexandra Bwye. He wrote a book called The Unsettling of America, which is a very good read and worthwhile for all human beings to read. He talks about getting people back to the land rather than the current desecration of it by machines.


The 5 countries are involved in tremendously destructive fossil fuel projects in one way or another; there is the exploitation of tar sands in Canada, possibly the worst of all, fracking in the USA which is running amok, John Key trying to open up the seas in New Zealand for deep sea drilling, Australia mining on a scale far beyond all of the other countries, possibly all put together, and they’re all very right-wing. I hate to use this kind of terminology but it is what is recognized.


If we’re going to concentrate our efforts as a world in a united front to the destruction that is going on, we should be putting the pressure on the governments of these 5 countries because they are without a doubt the most destructive of all countries in the world. The thread between them is that they’re all of Anglo-Saxon derivation. To be more precise, the majority of their people’s have come from Great Britain. The Great is going to become seen as nonsensical, because there is nothing Great about Britain and never has been, and unless they change their ways of living with one another, other countries and the Earth, there never will be.