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This piece is about the Gulf of Mexico and the status of that after the Deepwater Horizon Disaster, as well as the drilling about to happen off the shores of New Zealand. The drilling will be twice the depth of drilling to date anywhere else in New Zealand.

I got in a discussion on Facebook yesterday about the drilling happening there and someone commented that it was already happening; that drilling was taking place all around New Zealand and that it was safe and so on. We shouldn’t be drilling in deep oceans in any case. This is a mute point however, because we cannot continue to burn fossil fuels. We’re already passed 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, there are extreme weather events happening on an increasing basis and we have to get away from using fossil fuels. Beyond that, they’re finite. Even if they lasted 500 years; even that is a blip in history.

I read an article by a sailor from Newcastle, England, who sailed the Pacific Ocean, and it is mind blowing what he saw on his journey, reflecting the difference of what he saw now as to what he saw on previous journeys. What he found was a totally different place. “I’ve done a lot of miles on the ocean in my life and I’m used to seeing turtles, dolphins, sharks, and big flurries of feeding birds but this time, for 3 thousand nautical miles there was nothing alive to be seen.” That to me is really tragic. I have a great faith in nature, and I hope that once we are prevented from what we’re doing now, however this may be, that life will return and the ecosystem will put itself right, but we as a species have done so much damage.

I do know the Earth can put itself right once we stop, but this article stopped me in my tracks. I will fight very hard against the drilling off the coast of New Zealand. We have to take a stand against the continued harming of the Earth. We’re much more informed than we’ve ever been and we have to do it for our families and their peers. All of the work that Alexandra and I are doing is for the good of our loved ones on Earth. What is becoming evident is that the damage in the Gulf of Mexico was far worse than was reported. The amount of oil leaked was at least 10 times more than originally reported and I remember reading a lot of things around it like cracks in the ocean floor that appeared about the time of the blowout. The actual depth of the Earth’s crust is far, far less under the oceans than that on land – it can be as little as 3 miles and here we are drilling down 1 to 1 and a half miles. We’re not helping matters with earthquakes either by drilling in the thinner parts of the Earth’s crust.


I am totally opposed to deep sea drilling wordwide, let alone in New Zealand. I haven’t done much abut my opposition to date, but I will be. New Zealand is that last frontier on Earth that hasn’t been tremendously spoiled, and the government there now are intent on extracting all the money they can from the minerals that are there. We should not be starting oil wells anywhere. We have to stop doing what we’re doing. If governments and corporations don’t stop out of morality and reason, than we have to make them stop by informing one another constantly and acting against them. We have to put up a barrage of truthful information that will expose them for what they are, and how they are ruining the Earth and future for our children. I have spoken about them before, still do, and will continue to do so with increased action and awareness, consistently.