It’s 6:36am on the 6th of November and I’m in El Segundo, California. What I’d like to talk about today is Patriotism. I would have used the play on words of calling it “The Patriot Facts,” but a lot of this won’t be factual, but my own opinion ON the facts.

Anyhow, my good friend Alexandra and I went to a local city hall meeting to get an idea of the politics of the place and the ethos of the people running the city. One thing that I noticed was that at the beginning of the proceedings, was that they did the Pledge of Allegiance and mention God, not God’s (I don’t have a religious affiliation, but I think that one God related to one particular religion is exclusionary). I think it quite arrogant to assume there is only one god, but that’s not the main point of this piece, though it is related because religion as it exists in this world is a method of grouping people together and excluding others, largely speaking. Some religions are more inclusive and broad minded, such as Buddhism, but alas let’s get back to the point.

Image Patriotism typically revolves around colors of some kind and a flag. The other night, another proceeding that took place was that a man stood to speak dressed up in an American Independence uniform, from when the colonies defeated the British. He was talking about some sort of flag ceremony. My thought was, why is it that so many white people have this incredibly racist attitude to people of other colors? The patriotism that was given to the British flag is what caused them to tramp off around the world taking them to countries that they had no right to take over and make a part of the British Empire, which is the largest empire that has ever been. Some may argue that America is an empire, but it’s not in the same sense of simply going and taking over other peoples’ countries. There’s another aspect to the US domination of the world which is very militaristic. That whole issue of being able to get people to do things that are inhuman to other humans and living beings and the environment often goes around in the same mindset of people worshipping a piece of material made of different colors.  It makes no sense. It’s absolutely a diabolical thing to hurt and kill other living beings in the inspiration of a piece of fabric made of different colors. This went around in my mind as this man talked very proudly about how the US colonies defeated the British, adoring the flag and this that and the other. We would be far better off if there was no patriotism.  I always imagine John Lennon’s song “Imagine” where he talks about not having any countries or religions. He was right about those things.

One particular thing I would like to mention is that happened when the Europeans came to the American continent, though many people think of them as being more sophisticated, civilized and cleaner, but most of that is not correct. The Europeans were significantly dirtier that the Native North and South Americans, and the societies here were fairly sophisticated themselves. They rarely worshipped one ‘god’and they tended to be more considerate of their surroundings.. One thing that stuck in my mind more than anything else, is that 90-95% of the native population here were wiped out by disease, NOT by some sophisticated fighting machine from Europe. They found the Europeans rather dirty and uncivilized. It’s unlike what we were and still are told in school, that the Europeans defeated the Native Americans by fighting, but instead they defeated them by bring diseases here, from a filthier place (Europe).


The filth of Europe at the time contributed to the crush of the very worthy, widespread Native American population. The chap the other night who was celebrating the American continent, but  the birth of this nation was from total and utter darkness and unfairness. That is where there is so much darkness here – it was created FROM it.  Unless we can get a culture emerging from lightness (lightness and darkness in ethos are very real). The extermination of 90-95% of the population here got followed very quickly by slavery. In order to make the United States a decent place to live, we have to somehow or other get away from that darkness, and patriotism is not in any way a positive mechanism whatsoever to do so with.