So here I am on the 11th of November at a friends’ house in Colorado. It’s 7:47 in the morning, and I have a young lady with me, my friend Jeff’s dog, whining softly as I conduct this piece.

What I wanted to talk about today is an absolutely awful typhoon that has happened in the Phillipines, possibly the worst ever recorded. At the moment people are still estimating the death poll, but at the moment it’s estimated at 10,000.  So, most of us growing up in the West and increasingly the East are educated that we as humans are a superior form of life on Earth, and that everything else is either beneath or beholden to us. Anything else that doesn’t have life that’s tremendously observable such as mountains, dirt, trees, wind, rain etc. are some sort of deeply studied analyzed set of things. I tend to believe that nature is a form of life. Have you seen the photos of the Earth from space? I suggest you do if you haven’t – it’s eye-opening to see the Earth as a whole, alone in space, and to think about those who are destroying it. Let’s say that nature itself is a form of life? What if it is concerned? Let’s remember a saying that is often said at funerals – “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” We come from the Earth, and we go back to it, much like everything else in our system – the bears, fish, insects, dust, plants etc. What isn’t infinite are the items that we are depending on to drive our societies (fossil fuels, nuclear fuels and so on).

We have tremendous destruction going on now in the North American continent with fracking, tar sands extraction and destruction of the Arboreal Forests in Canada. I think if I was nature, I was be at least dismayed, possibly angry. Everything around me is alive and I am a part of everything, therefore I don’t want to destroy anything because I don’t want to destroy me, obviously. So if we imagined that nature was like a human being, and it got annoyed. Any of us could realize that we’re not doing the right things. The point is, if nature was an entitiy, she could well be very annoyed.

We see the escalation of events, the tsunami in Fukushima, Japan, Hurricane Sandy, the typhoon in the Phillipines, and they appear to be getting worse.  Let’s speculate, if nature had a persona, she would be angry and wanting to do something to stop us. Maybe these escalating weather events, which are obviously related to human-induced climate change, as also nature’s way of telling us enough is enough. This is just a thought point of course, but we do seem to think of the nature that surrounds us as something that is abstract, but it nature is not an inanimate object by any means of course, and we have to change our thinking about it.


Thanksgiving is coming up here in the US, and many people will be eating Turkey. I’ll certainly be doing something for Thanksgiving but I can tell you that I surely won’t be eating a Turkey. It’ll relate to something that’s been done to the Earth and the people who have lived here largely by the Anglo-Saxons that came here. There are two events that we should change or get rid of altogether. One of those is Columbus Day which celebrates the Europeans coming to America which was a travesty, and the second was Thanksgiving, because the Native Americans have nothing to thank us about, that’s for certain even though they helped the Europeans out as I will convey in the Thanksgiving piece I will be doing. We paid them back by wiping them out basically, and then taking the remaining people off of the land that they loved, used and revered unlike most of the future generations that would take over.