So here we are. It’s December 18, 2013. I’m about to go back to the UK for the first time in a little while which might shift my blogging schedule a bit.

I’m currently in the throes of a permaculture training course that is very important to me with my great friend and collaborator Alexandra. Permaculture as I see it, is going to be the one current system that will take us into the future in a meaningful way. Many indiginous tribes know that it is important to take fully into consideration the following seven generations (to put into numbers, roughly 400 years) when creating their lifestyle. In 400 years from now, our society will no longer be able to run on fossil fuels, no matter what.It’s becoming more evident as well that nuclear energy is not going to take us very far except into more oblivion. Its interesting to note as well that nuclear power has not been a source of energy until 1954, and if we think that some of the spent fuels (spent not meaning they are not doing anything when they actually last for hundreds of thousands of years), we don’t have any idea as to how dangerous and damaging it can be to all life forms. We can see it playing out in Fukushima, Japan where there are many problems that are not being dealt with because no one knows how to deal with them.

In the latest permaculture lecture that I listened to,the lecturer said that most eco-villages have failed. I got to thinking about that, and I thought, ‘I’ll bet that ego was at the root of that’ – this business of having to have some sort of superiority over other things. It’s taking a lot of life forms on Earth into very dangerous territory. I’ve had ego, and still have it. I thought “Why do I have that – why is it such a natural thing to me?” I thought about education, and I had the benefit of going through an education system. What I believe is that our education system is failing us quite significantly, and not just the 25th ranking education of the US,  but overall western education.

If you think about what school is, and we sort of take this in to life, the first thing is that it is all about doing what someone is telling you to do (the teacher). All 20 to 30 students must all do the same basic things, though they are all very different. All throughout my life and to this day, when people protest something that is not good, in peaceful ways, often there will by security forces that try and stop them, sometimes very violently. I can’t believe that in their hearts these security men can’t see that peaceful protesters are standing up for good things, and that their own families could benefit as well. The mindset of people like this, as well as those who do worse to other human beings comes from a group mindset that is instilled right there in the classroom.

The second thing that is taught in the modern educational system is competition. We’re taught that competition is a healthy thing, but it’s about making someone stand out among the rest, who feel inferior to this person, and that is not correct. These two things are the root of the causes of what ail us today. How we are living now will bear no resemblance to how the seventh generation from now will be living, and I don’t know what will happen, but we won’t have fossil fuels which literally fuel society today. Everyone is hoping that technology will help us get past this dilemma, but the real answer is all around us. We just need to live with nature, not exploit it unmercifully. We are not powerful enough to change how the world works – that’s all there is to it. We need to understand as a race of people and elect leaders who understand this as well. The current leaders are power-driven and money hungry., They’re not going to change – WE have to change. We need to stop educating children to come into an industrial world, which it is less and less of now, and teach them to live with nature and with love in their hearts, because we all need it, just as we need air water and food. What we don’t need is cars, fashion and any other life-draining substances. We simply don’t need those things.

Realigning our education system to honor the unique attributes of children, teaching them how to work with nature and correcting the problems we’ve been creating for hundreds, if not thousands of years are what we now need to do.