Let’s turn our attention to Reactor Number 3, which is emitting steam. It is so radioactive that no one can go near it, but they believe that the core of the reactor melted down into the core of the building and so on and so forth. We shouldn’t forget how much radioactive water is pouring into the Pacific Ocean every single day as well – 3-400 tonnes a day. I’m currently in England visiting family, but I reside in Los Angeles, California. The currents from Fukushima carry everything and anything over to the West Coast of the United States and Canada…

We all hope for the best, for obvious reasons like the goodness of humanity, and there is little to no factual information on the steam issuing from Reactor 3, so just to sum this all up, we had the natural disasters of the earthquake and the tsunami, and then the damage that occurred at the nuclear plant and now we have a situation where Reactor Number 4 is having the spent fuel rods being removed and steam is being emitted from Number 3. “Well it’s cold over there right now so it’s like someone’s breath in cold weather” some have said. I wish I could believe that, but there has been so much cover up including the people working in there, the Japanese Mafia, the government etc. It is an underhanded mess, and it is not something that anyone on Earth has the right to keep or lie about. This is a world issue, and at best could result in years upon years of possible cancers and severe issues to thousands if not millions of people.


We live in a carcinogenic world already. Despite Richard Nixon declaring war on cancer back in the 70’s, today all of us either know someone who has gone through cancer (or not) or have experienced it or had a scare ourselves. It is no longer odd for cancer to be a part of our lives. A lot of the carcinogenic events and substances are quietly swept under the carpet, but Fukushima is a high-profile issue because it’s so severe in so many ways. No doubt, sadly, the consequences caused by Fukushima will go on for generations.

Though this may seem dooms-dayish, it is not meant to be. It is what I would call a very accurate estimation on my part erring on the optimistic side in fact. Unfortunately there are many conspiracy theories around that can be confusing, but a good way to find more accurate information is to look at various sources, look at who is telling you the information (who they are, who they work for, past work etc.), possible agendas, what else is on the website etc, you’ll get a feel for reliable news. This is how I find my sources and would recommend others to as well, most definitely over watching one or two mainstream channels and leaving it at that. Thank you.