“Words From A Paper Cup” was a series which I worked on with my co-creator and dear friend, Alexandra and the time is right for a reprise.  I am sitting here on Saturday, July 8, 2017 pondering the current state of my place on our planet.  When we added the last piece here, the prospect of having Donald Trump as the US President would have seemed like an impossible joke and joke it truly is.  However, things have been amiss, going back long before the USA even existed.

Last night, I watched a tremendous presentation by the author of “The Creature From Jekyll Island” ; G. Edward Griffin, it was like watching a thriller, although the subject may seem dry; the planning and execution of The Federal Reserve System.  Previously the same day we watched the second part of a documentary from Noam Chomsky on the decline of the USA.  Basically, we have never gotten away from the domination of the many by the few; that goes back thousand of years, in fact the main players in the formation of The Federal Reserve System, had family roots going way back in Europe.

We are currently facing two forces which will shatter the current systems we have and both are the result of the folly of some human beings.  The first is Climate Change, the second is the collapse of the world financial systems.  This has been said many times so it is not news, not many though have proposed changes to help us deal with these things, I shall try here from my own experience.

  • Whatever monetary investments you may have, are in grave danger, be they property, currency, metals, jewels etc.  When the changes hit the most important things will be air, water and food.  Therefore liquidate your assets now, whilst you still can.  Please be sure to research “bail-ins” which are far worse than bail-outs.  In essence no money in any bank account is safe.
  • In whichever ways you are able, invest those liquidated assets into that which will best assist you with the provision of air, water and food.  Make that your primary focus, going forward.  (For the past 6 years I have invested any disposable income into just those things).
  • Move to a vegetarian diet (vegan if you can), eat less and get fit.  All of these things will improve your health which will be key when the changes hit.  The “healthcare” systems, already under great stress are likely to disappear, more or less.
  • Research and practice all forms of food preservation, canning, fermenting, pickling, dehydrating and freezing.  Those not requiring ongoing electrical supplies are the most reliable ones to use.
  • If you are allowed to; keep chickens, ducks or geese.  Chickens in particular make wonderful companions and of course all of the  female of the species give us eggs.

These are my recommendations based on personal experience and reading/researching; speaking of which there are two books which I strongly recommend you obtain and read.  Lean Logic by David Fleming and The Post Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook by Albert Bates.

And last of all, keep in mind what we are facing is change and change is sorely needed.  I am optimistic about and relish with happiness the better days beyond.